Zippity Doo Dah v/d Peppelenbosch - Scruffy

Stamboom naam: ZIPPITY DOO DAH v/d Peppelenbosch

Roepnaam: Scruffy

Geboortedatum: 17-11-2010

Heupen: binnenkort

Ellebogen: binnenkort

Ogen: binnenkort

Scruffy was never really in the planning for our breeding programme, she was the runt of the litter and we didn’t dare to re-house her at the time. She was an under developed teenager and became the family pet.

However miracles do happen, even to the seasoned breeders and our ugly duckling has turned into a swan. She is a very big dog at 12 months old and has that something ‘special’ that is irreplaceable and that is the expression of her grandmother Lexy. I call it a ‘look to die for’.


NLV Clubmatch Bennekom - 17 juni 2012

Showresultaat: Excellent

Keurmeester: Mrs L. Devaux, Belgium

18 maanden zwart flink teefje. Goed hoofd en body, goede hoekingen, voorvoeten draaien a beetje uit, goed vacht. Staart goed gedragen, zwak in pols.


stamboom Scruffy